New Furby Boom
UK sales rocketing

New furby boom

Sales of Furby Boom seem to keep growing in the UK and its already set to pass the previous Furby by a long way. The new Furby Boom comes in 6 great new trendy colours and is packed with lots of new technology and features.

  • When you talk to your Furby Boom and interact with it, the more English it speaks!
  • The way you treat Furby  develops its personality!
  • Pull and hold tail for 10 seconds to send Furby to sleep
  • Introduce your Furby to other Furbys and they talk and sing to each other
  • Get eggs and Play games, and raise virtual Furblings with the new free Furby Boom app

As we said earlier New Furby Boom is going to sell out leading up to Christmas and will be very hard to get hold of the longer you leave it. Its available in all 6 colours at the moment at and