The joy of eBook Readers

Why make the jump to an eBook Reader?

Amazon Kindle eBook Reader

The Amazon Kindle ebook Reader

A lot of people are indecisive about whether to make the change to an eBook Reader from the traditional Book. Although the feel,  smell and look of a traditional book is something that eBook Readers will never be able to match, they do have so much that the traditional book cannot offer.

Convenience: As long as you have an Internet connection, or on some models 3g connection, you can purchase eBooks on the go without having to go to the book store, find a parking space and fight your way through traffic, or having to wait days or weeks for the book you ordered online to arrive.  Also eBook vouchers make a great gift and the recipient can download there gift straight away.

Storage and Portability: The storage capacity of eBook readers is growing every year and now can hold hundreds of books on a device smaller than the average book.

Free Books: A lot of older classic books are free to download, this is because the copyright for the book has run out, so you can search easily through hundreds of free books to download.

Features: Most eBook reader come packed with easy to navigate features such as the ability to highlight a favourite passage or quotation that you wish to re-visit, a digital bookmark, and the ability to enlarge the size of the copy to make it easier to read.

I took an kindle to the Amazon rain forest and found it useful to save room in my back pack as i did not need to carry lots of books.

So if you have been thinking of going for an eBook reader there is no time like the present, you can now buy them for as little as £30 and Kindles starting around £69.


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