Tips Searching for the Best Bluetooth Headset


I have been looking for the best Bluetooth headset after buying several in the past that claimed to be the best Bluetooth headset but in reality were pretty poor quality, either the sound quality was really bad, it was uncomfortable to the point of hurting my ears or they broke due to poor construction. This has been a frustrating process but I eventually found what I think is the best Bluetooth headset.


Things to consider when looking for the best Bluetooth Headset


Bluetooth Headsets come with a large array of features such as:
Music Streaming
Talk time (anything above 10 hours is good)
Isolating duel-mic noise reduction
Multiple device pairing (2 phones at once)
A2DP for good sound via Bluetooth
Style (I am a sucker for sleek design)


There are a few variations on Bluetooth Headsets when it comes to fitment like in-ear with hook, out-ear with hook and on ear Bluetooth headphones (the big type). I prefer the out-ear hook type because I find the in ear ones tent to hurt your ears when worn longer than a couple of hours.


I tend to like nice shiny expensive things but have learnt over the years that this doesn’t always mean you end up with the best product, so I believe in reading loads of reviews and look at specialist websites (in this case before I take the plunge and buy something.

The Best Bluetooth Headset is?
the best bluetooth headset

After loads of research, reading blogs and visiting specialist websites I finally went for the Plantronics Voyager Legend. I was tempted by the Bose Series 2 but I know it wouldn’t have been as comfortable and there were over 920 reviews on Bluetooth point saying everything I was looking for, and I am not disappointed at all. It connects easily, the sound is crystal clear and I happy that I have found the best Bluetooth Headset.