teksta robot dog

The Teksta Robot dog was one of the best selling toys this Christmas and had great sales success, a lot more than the previous version. It is packed with great new technology and features like motion detection, infra red detection and an app that can be used to control and also play games with him. Teksta the robot dog can also make friends with other tekata robot puppys expanding his circle of friends. The latest version is also available in both male and female puppys so boys and girls also now have the option of buying them. Teksta now also comes with a ball and a bone, if you throw the ball he will fetch it and the bone is used to feed him giving you a more life like experience then any other robot puppy on the market.

Running up to Christmas the Teksat Robot dog sold out several times and was in great demand leaving some people unable to get there hands on one.

This latest version will keep your children busy for weeks due to the additional app feature which is constantly updated with new features and games to play with him.

If you are looking to get your hands on Teksa the Robot Dog they are still in demand but available at in both pink (girl) and Blue (boy) puppys.


Tips Searching for the Best Bluetooth Headset


I have been looking for the best Bluetooth headset after buying several in the past that claimed to be the best Bluetooth headset but in reality were pretty poor quality, either the sound quality was really bad, it was uncomfortable to the point of hurting my ears or they broke due to poor construction. This has been a frustrating process but I eventually found what I think is the best Bluetooth headset.


Things to consider when looking for the best Bluetooth Headset


Bluetooth Headsets come with a large array of features such as:
Music Streaming
Talk time (anything above 10 hours is good)
Isolating duel-mic noise reduction
Multiple device pairing (2 phones at once)
A2DP for good sound via Bluetooth
Style (I am a sucker for sleek design)


There are a few variations on Bluetooth Headsets when it comes to fitment like in-ear with hook, out-ear with hook and on ear Bluetooth headphones (the big type). I prefer the out-ear hook type because I find the in ear ones tent to hurt your ears when worn longer than a couple of hours.


I tend to like nice shiny expensive things but have learnt over the years that this doesn’t always mean you end up with the best product, so I believe in reading loads of reviews and look at specialist websites (in this case before I take the plunge and buy something.

The Best Bluetooth Headset is?
the best bluetooth headset

After loads of research, reading blogs and visiting specialist websites I finally went for the Plantronics Voyager Legend. I was tempted by the Bose Series 2 but I know it wouldn’t have been as comfortable and there were over 920 reviews on Bluetooth point saying everything I was looking for, and I am not disappointed at all. It connects easily, the sound is crystal clear and I happy that I have found the best Bluetooth Headset.



New Furby Boom
UK sales rocketing

New furby boom

Sales of Furby Boom seem to keep growing in the UK and its already set to pass the previous Furby by a long way. The new Furby Boom comes in 6 great new trendy colours and is packed with lots of new technology and features.

  • When you talk to your Furby Boom and interact with it, the more English it speaks!
  • The way you treat Furby  develops its personality!
  • Pull and hold tail for 10 seconds to send Furby to sleep
  • Introduce your Furby to other Furbys and they talk and sing to each other
  • Get eggs and Play games, and raise virtual Furblings with the new free Furby Boom app

As we said earlier New Furby Boom is going to sell out leading up to Christmas and will be very hard to get hold of the longer you leave it. Its available in all 6 colours at the moment at and



There is a lot of hype around Teksta the Robot Dog at the moment and it has even been tipped to be the Christmas number 1 best seller this year. It has so many new features over the older models and now uses hand gesture technology and has a bone and ball to play with. For a full review of all the new features and to buy Teksta the robot dog check out they have both boy and girl puppy’s available (blue and pink)


teksta robot dog



Furby Boom went on sale in the UK this week and is selling fast, its already sold out in most stores in America and its looking like it will do the same here all the way up to Christmas. You will need to get your order in quick, one of the only places we found with all 6 colours in stock was Hype surrounding the new Furby Boom is well justified with so many new features also listed at the above site.


polka dots furby boom, furby boom



Yes you heard right, there is a new Furby called Furby Boom, and its already selling out quick. Its tipped to be this years Christmas best seller and is packed with loads of new features. You can now link it to your ipad or tablet and you can encourage it to lay eggs and hatch new baby Furbys (Furblings) and then play games with them on your device. if you breed enough of the you can apparently start your own Furby Virtual City. It also has similar features to the old Tamagotchi toys where you have to feed, look after and train your Furby for it to learn and communicate more. I recommend getting yours early for Christmas to avoid disappointment, you can buy Furby Boom in all the colors from this site

furby boom, buy furby boom, pre order furby boom

Foods That Lower Blood Pressure

Foods That Lower Blood Pressure

I like many have recently found out that I have high blood pressure and that it also runs in my family, so the first e-book I have researched for my site ( is on this subject. I reviewed 10 different e-books on this subject and finally found one that offered a natural approach to doing it, by eating foods that lower blood pressure, herbs and taking natural supplements. Just by changing your diet you will lower you blood pressure without the need to take medicine. To take a look at the book click here or on the pic below.

foods that lower blood pressure
For more information visit

Enhance you Audio Books with a Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speaker

So I listen to a lot of audio books and watch movies on my eBook reader, so I decided to invest in a Bluetooth Speaker this week. I must say, I think it is a must accessory and I now find myself using my eBook reader twice as much as I used to.
Its so nice not to be tethered to my eBook my headphones, now I can get on with doing other things without the worry of breaking my eBook reader, which I used to keep in my pocket while listening to audio books.
I went all out and bought The Bose Soundlink 2, which has an amazingly clear and loud sound and was well worth the £250 investment. You don’t have to spend that much, they start at around £15 but the speaker will be tiny, with poor quality sound and poor battery life. I think you get what you pay for when it comes to buying a Bluetooth Speaker and they are well worth the investment.
Its best to do a bit of research before buying one to find one that suits you, I checked out some reviews at


Bluetooth Speaker

The joy of eBook Readers

Why make the jump to an eBook Reader?

Amazon Kindle eBook Reader

The Amazon Kindle ebook Reader

A lot of people are indecisive about whether to make the change to an eBook Reader from the traditional Book. Although the feel,  smell and look of a traditional book is something that eBook Readers will never be able to match, they do have so much that the traditional book cannot offer.

Convenience: As long as you have an Internet connection, or on some models 3g connection, you can purchase eBooks on the go without having to go to the book store, find a parking space and fight your way through traffic, or having to wait days or weeks for the book you ordered online to arrive.  Also eBook vouchers make a great gift and the recipient can download there gift straight away.

Storage and Portability: The storage capacity of eBook readers is growing every year and now can hold hundreds of books on a device smaller than the average book.

Free Books: A lot of older classic books are free to download, this is because the copyright for the book has run out, so you can search easily through hundreds of free books to download.

Features: Most eBook reader come packed with easy to navigate features such as the ability to highlight a favourite passage or quotation that you wish to re-visit, a digital bookmark, and the ability to enlarge the size of the copy to make it easier to read.

I took an kindle to the Amazon rain forest and found it useful to save room in my back pack as i did not need to carry lots of books.

So if you have been thinking of going for an eBook reader there is no time like the present, you can now buy them for as little as £30 and Kindles starting around £69.